Sunday, February 20, 2005

Yo, Miss Debi, take a look at this...

Jeff Jarvis and Bill Keller (editor, NYT) exchane emails.
Jarvis posts both billet-douxs this morning so we can see how high-profile people compete to out-casual one another, without giving an inch when engaging in a polite power struggle. (Takes a bit of reading between the lines and drawing unsupported inferences to work that out, but the emails can be read at several levels. Check the comments.)

Snip from Mr. Keller...

While we probably have our differences on the role of the MSM (btw, I personally favor 'elite media,' at least as it pertains to the NYT) I would like to make clear that I consider blogs relevant and important. I do not hold them in disdain, as you imply. I won't risk embarrassing my favorite bloggers by identifying them (except to say that buzzmachine is bookmarked in my office and at home) but I find the best of them to be a source of provocative insights, first-hand witness, original analysis, rollicking argument and occasional revelation. As I'm sure you will agree, you can also find bloggers who are paranoid, propagandistic, unreliable, hate-filled, self-indulgent, self-important and humorless.

Pretty good read.
Nothing surprising, unless you come from the camp that thinks professional journalists don't have a clue. They don't call them pros for nothing. This exchange illustrates that, if nothing else.


Deborah White said...

Thanks! I like what Mr. Keller has to say. :)

AtMillCreek said...

So where is your "Welcome Jeff Jarvis" readers update??

Why doesn't your traffic counter register with TTLB ??

Congratulations, I think you should update your hit counter so that you get credit where credit is due.