Wednesday, November 16, 2005

A gathering of hens in a foxden

From the Aardvark, Mark Lynch...

I've written many times about Tunisia's horrific record on press freedoms, and the absurdity of its being the host for the World Summit on the Information Society (or of America's Middle East Partnership Initiative, but that's another story).
Well, the
WSIS is nigh, the Tunisian authorities are playing to form (they actually banned the director of Reporters Without Borders from attending), and now's the time for activists to turn the spotlight on the regime. Ethan Zuckerman is on his way there, and Global Voices Online should have regular roundups.

That's okay, though.
We already know about that. ["Tunisia has been a voice for moderation. Tunisia has been a voice for regional harmony. Tunisia has been a voice for putting effort and resources into development rather than wasting them on arms races or conflict or weapons of mass destruction." Richard Boucher for the State Department.]
It's our fox.

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