Monday, August 30, 2004

Hootsbuddy's Place

A semi-retired Southern cafeteria manager speaks his mind, recollects the past and publishes comments about the present. I cannot imagine that many people will be interested, but thanks to Blogger I have a free opportunity to find out.

Before I publish an invitation for all to see, I want to have more than small talk. This post is intended to be a learning curve rather than a record of immortal thoughts for history. Reader, please be patient with me.

Weblogs have been an obsession with me since I discovered them several years ago. I am still amazed that Glenn Reynolds is able to blog and teach at the same time. It has to be harder than walking while chewing gum. Over the last year I have had the misfortune to lose everything on my PC at least three times. Through those misfortunes I learned that I need only a couple of backup discs to keep me happy: the address book and the blogroll. Everything else is replaceable. With the creation of my own weblog I have something better than a backup disc. As long as Blogger and Google stay alive and well there will be a place in cyberspace where I can access all the stuff that is valuable to me through the internet.

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