Saturday, February 09, 2008

Looks like ya'll are short of help...

I've heard it a thousand times.
A line of hungry patrons stretches out the door, trash that would normally be picked up at once is collecting on the floor, the displays look like the wrath of God, unbussed tables are all that remain in the dining room and those on duty are busting their butts to keep up...And some smart ass says, "Looks like you're short of help."

File this one under D'oh.

Scott Hodes who maintains the FOIA blog looks at how the bureaucracy manages (or doesn't) similar challenges in his line of work, but in this case the reasons are transparent.

...maybe they should get more money to hire more so that these records can go to the people in a reasonable time. And the Post is naive to think that the White House doesn't know what it is doing here--they don't want to hire enough personnel because the longer the records sit, the better it is for them--

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