Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Before I Forget...

So many reasons to regret the last several years....

*vice president as the power behind the throne
*"Mission Accomplished"
*"good job, Brownie"
*Warrantless wiretaps.
*Pre-emptive war.
*Religious pandering.
*Suspension of Habeas Corpus.
*extraordinary rendition
*abu ghraib
*John Yoo
*Pat Tillman
*Jessica Lynch
*Jeff Gannon
*Col Ted Westhusing
*Harriet Miers
*signing statements
*John Yoo
*us vs. them / you're with us or against us
*teaching of "Intelligent Design" as science in schools

This is not a complete list by any means. Readers are invited to add to it in the comments.

This list is NOT a personal indictment of George Bush. I consider him to be sincere, acting with the best of good intentions.Unfortunately, sincerity does not insure good results. Just a few days ago I heard him on C-SPAN talking about a range of topics at the Heritage Foundation. Even now he still seems to believe that the free market can solve most of our problems if we just let it alone. A global economic meltdown of cosmic proportions is not for him an indication that really serious mistakes have been made that could have been averted. My guess is that he will spend the rest of his life spinning his legacy as best he can, never coming to terms with some of the truly serious red flags listed above. And he'll never understand why that reporter threw his shoes at him.

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Anonymous said...

I think you can put most of this on two names-Chaney-Rumsfield and as puppetiers, their leading puppet, the Bushman........all would cover most of this list.......for the Truth,,, and God Bless Colonel Westhusing and his family.......and all the others who suffered for truth and justice.......to do the right thing at the expense of thier precious lives,,,,,,