Sunday, April 05, 2009

David Neiwert on the Latest Propaganda

Neiwert has been doing the heavy lifting for the voices of reason on the Left for years. I rarely read his blog because I'm already in the choir. But I keep track of what he posts via the Bloglines panes in case it's something I need for reference. I say "on the Left" not because he is advancing any particular agenda but because his reports and comments are typically aimed at clearing away smoke and disinformation, as well as pointing to the dangerous impact that propaganda and disinformation on steroids can have on unsteady minds, a totally reliable polemicist. Here are some recent posts connecting the dots.

Richard Poplawski: Was Pittsburgh shooter driven by right-wing gun paranoia about Obama?
With videos and comments. Detailed comments with many links and more than you thought you needed to know about this incident.

He feared an Obama gun grab? Gee, I wonder where he could have heard that.

Indeed, a story replete with NRA-style fearmongering about the looming "grab" -- which has been fueling a run on guns at local shops -- ran just three days ago in the Pittsburgh Tribune.

We've been reporting for awhile on the surge in gun sales, and how the paranoia around guns is making the more unstable elements of the right particularly edgy. Inevitably, that edginess is going to break out into actual violence -- as it appears to have done today.

O'Reilly in Bircherville: Obama's selling us out to 'one world government'

Another video and comments connecting O'Reilley's message with that of the John Birch Society.

...when O'Reilly says "some conservative pundits" believe this stuff, he means far-right nutcases like Alan Keyes and the Birch Society. And while he tries to set position himself as being somehow slightly skeptical of such notions, in reality, this whole rant is nothing but an endorsement of their worldview.

I cut my Liberal teeth opposing the John Birch Society.

Sic 'em. Dave!

Projection much? Glenn Beck warns: 'Fascism is on the rise'

Again, videos and commentary. Too many details to parse. Here's the opening.

Just a few weeks ago, Glenn Beck was shrilly declaring that America was marching toward Communism. It was the show's featured theme. Yesterday, he admitted he was wrong -- it's not Communism we're headed toward, it's Fascism!

In the minds of many, last year's candidate for fascism was Obama's predecessor. I never thought of George Bush as actually advancing that agenda, but I did think (and still do) he and his advisers were inadvertently moving in that direction.


That's enough for today, kids. Likely more than you can handle anyhow.


Deron S. said...

I'm uncomfortable with the level of divisiveness in today's society. We are facing some tough issues that will require compromise and cooperation coming from both sides of the ideological divide. Neither the left nor that right has all the answers. While I didn't vote for him, I am counting on Obama to bring us together in the name of the greater good. He can do it if he stays on track and doesn't get too Washingtonized.

Hoots said...

>I'm uncomfortable with the level of divisiveness in today's society.

Me, too. Been doing my part to peck away at the problem by blogging.
You know, eating an elephant one bite at a time.
My approach is that of the preacher: comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.

Liked your video this morning, btw. My age has me way out of the loop for pop music but I know when it sounds good to me. (Also helps to have the lyrics to read.)