Wednesday, April 15, 2009

King Kong Redux

This morning's NY Times....

Pills and capsules are the new wave in cancer treatment, expected to account for 25 percent of all cancer medicines in a few years, up from less than 10 percent now.

The oral drugs can free patients from frequent trips to a clinic to be hooked to an intravenous line for hours. Fewer visits might save the health system money as well as time. And the pills are a step toward making cancer a manageable chronic condition, like diabetes.

But for many patients, exchanging an I.V. bag for a pill is a lopsided trade because the economics and practice of cancer medicine have not caught up with the convenience of oral drugs.

It seems the insurance companies don't want to pay.
Big Insurance versus Big Pharma
Battle of two Prehistoric Titans

It reminds me of that great scene from King Kong featuring King Kong fighting a T-Rex to the death. Makes you wonder who's in bed with whom. Whadaya want to bet the main research came from NIH (tax supported) and was auctioned wholesale to the private sector? I dunno. Just asking.

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