Monday, June 15, 2009

Physician Focus - Money-Driven Medicine Special

In this clip from the documentary version of Maggie Mahar's truly excellent book Money Driven Medicine, two doctors discuss one of the principle problems facing health care in America, the shortage of primary care physicians (PCP) and the reluctance of those entering the medical profession to track in that direction.

The Money Driven Medicine website is okay but needs a lot of work. So does the propaganda machine. This message is too important to remain in the hands of artists. It's time to put this film into as many places as possible as the health care debate is under way.

I wish I could tell my readers where to order this dvd but I have yet to find out. I have contacted the source and am waiting for a reply.


maggiemahar said...


Thanks for calling attention to teh film.

The film's distributor just signed a contract and is the process of putting together a website.

They are taking pre-orders for DVDs-- send me your e-mail and mailing address and I'll make sure you get a notice when they are ready. . .

You can reach me at

Deron S. said...

It's really not a difficult fix. We simply need to reallocate RVUs from overused procedures to PCP office visit codes. That will shift income from procedural specialists to PCPs, which will in turn: 1) make primary care more enticing for med students, and 2) make it less profitable to operate an MRI machine, etc.

It's just a shame that politicians are slaves to lobbyists instead of employees of the USA.