Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Advent Wish by John & Yoko

If I listen to this music and think of the Iraq adventure it makes tears come to my eyes. There seems to be such a gulf between where we are now and where we have been. Sunday evening I caught a portion of an Ira Glass story on the radio, one of his usual excellent audio-verite sketches. This one was about a first generation Palestinian girl's tragic experience among her peer group at a school in the heart of America, describing how social pressure eventually brought her and her family to tears and depression, not because of anything they did wrong, but simply because of who they were. I didn't catch the start and didn't care to hear the rest. I already knew the story. I've been ranting about it in one form or another since I started this blog. Oh, the happy music and fun YouTube stuff make for light escapes, but when I allow myself to think seriously about how tough, mean and indifferent the people around me are becoming it makes me want to cry.

No one wants to be uncaring or detached, but when a relentless negative message is played repeatedly the impact is overpowering. From radio talk shows to pulpits to sports bars to blogs to news channels and all the way to Washington there is a message that dulls the spirit and assaults our moral impulses, giving tacit permission for people in high places to get away with irresponsible decision-making. Through it all I still believe we are better than that. At least for the next few days, while Christmas is being celebrated, surely it will be okay to dream about a time when we look for peace instead of war...and don't point the finger of blame at others for actions we have initiated ourselves in the name of preemption or defense.

Thanks Wampum for the link.

While you're there, take a moment to read Dwight Meredith's story about extended warranties, how important they are to retail profits, and how he got put on an inelligible list, much to the puzzlement of a clerk one year.

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vietnamcatfish said...

The synchronicity phenomena ia alive and well. Last night I posted "Walking on Thin Ice" on "Golden Pond." It was the song they ( Yoko and John ) were recording in the studio that fateful night he was killed. It was only minutes after leaving the session that he was gunned down. As I mentioned earlier, it was "the day the music died" for me.

The song you posted is one of me and Kitty's favorites. And what a message!

Merry Christmas, v.c.