Thursday, December 28, 2006

John Edwards on YouTube

No, I haven't decided yet.
Just keeping up.
Something tells me that YouTube is about to become a factor in politics. Big time.

Poor guy. He hasn't even started, and already some of the sharpest knives in the drawer are starting the death of a thousand cuts.

Pejman notes...

Stephen Bainbridge takes note of a major chink in the supposedly inspirational Edwards campaign story:

. . . "During his career of allegedly championing the helpless, he took no pro bono cases." This failure is especially noteworthy given that the North Carolina bar's rules of professional responsibility state that "The provision of free legal services to those unable to pay reasonable fees continues to be an obligation of each lawyer ...."

I certainly don't begrudge anyone trying to make a living--least of all, a lawyer. But really, enough with the claims that John Edwards is some sort of last bastion for the indigent. When it really counted, he did nothing to help the very people he claims to stand up for, the people in the lower half of the "Two Americas" Edwards always claims to decry.

Oh, and at hilzoy's place, von says...

A general distrust of my natural enemy -- trialius lawyerius -- does indeed extend to one John "Two Americas" Edwards. So I'll take this opportunity to declare my lack of support for his candidacy. Although I'm looking forward to the day that his agenda of "economic populism" causes him to go Lou Dobbs on all your asses and declare his support for a giant dome over the US to protect us from better-life-seekers and assorted work-wanters (funded, of course, by surcharges on the oil and pharmaceutical industries).

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