Monday, December 25, 2006

Stephen Bainbridge on Russell Kirk

So you have opened the presents, had too much to eat, taken a nap and given up on teevee. Time now to feed your mind...

Here's a meaty but satisfying little post that will help you discern the difference between Conservative and Libertarian thought. The kernel of the idea I already understood, but Bainbridge brings it into focus better than I thought possible, introducing (at least to me) one Russell Kirk, a thinking Conservative of out time whose legacy needs to be remembered and studied.

This sparkling gem flashed in the post. It is from a third party, but shines like a glint of sunshine in the rear-view mirror.

The most fundamental difference between conservatism and libertarianism is one of ideology. Libertarianism is an ideology based upon abstract ideas and doctrines such as the free market, absolute liberty, and radical individualism. The libertarian foolishly believes that if his abstract ingredients are properly mixed within the social cauldron, an earthly utopia will bubble forth.


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