Tuesday, December 23, 2008

War is Over (if you want it...)

I tried to put this up a couple of years ago but the link was withdrawn.
Here it is again, just in time for Christmas hopes...

Saturday night surfing found this site...


vietnamcatfish said...

Not that it matters, hootster, but this was not a Beatles tune, because Yoko is singing on this one. And none of the other 3 members of the Fab 4 would have wanted her to be associated with their legacy. Sacrosanct if you will. In fact, they never had a female voice on any of their recordings. Unless you count "Give Peace a Chance."

This song was one of Kitty's favorites, and she played it every Christmas.

It conjures up memories for me.

I also enjoyed the lead-in story about balancing life and work, particularly when it relates to the food biz.

Dare I say it....the hootster is back.

Hoots said...

Yeah, I caught that Beatles thing too late. I was gonna change the title but by then the blogspot bot had already assigned a hyperlink with the wrong info. It happened to me with another post and although I made a correction the mistake is forever carved into the stone of cyberspace. (I could have deleted the whole thing and started over, but that would be too much sugar for a dime.)

And thanks for the comment.

vietnamcatfish said...

Hello Hootster, Howz it going mon ami? I saw your piece on John Lennon earlier in the month and started to weigh in but didn't. How was the custard for Christmas? I heard more people say "Merry Christmas" this year and not the "Happy Holidays" b.s. Which is a good thing. Happy New Year and hope your kwanza experience was a good one.