Tuesday, December 09, 2008

He said he said he said he said...

I don't recall exactly why or when I began tracking Waldo Lydecker's Journal but it's not important. What counts is that he's one of the cleverest bloggers in the crowd. Yeah, he has an agenda but I'll leave it to the inquiring reader to drill into the links to find it.

This morning's post is to point out my new widget in the sidebar, a link to the president-elect's site reporting on changes in progress and soliciting (this is the important part) opinions from anyone who wants to submit ideas and opinions to the new administration. I first noticed this widget at Waldo Lydecker's Journal.

Check it out. You don't have to leave the page. You can click in the widget and get a response. Look carefully at the top bar. Find "News" "Team" "Agenda" and "Read." Click on one and see what happens. Here's part of what I found under "Agenda>Family"

Americans with incomes below $100,000 have experienced stagnating wages, declining health care coverage, erosion of pension protections, rising personal debt, and jobs disappearing as a result of global competition and rising housing costs. Further, the gap between America’s richest and poorest is at its widest points in at least 25 years. At a time when costs are rising and Americans are working harder just to keep up, Barack Obama will provide relief for the middle class and support for working people. In addition to his health care and tax relief plans, Obama will make college affordable, reform our bankruptcy and credit card laws, protect the balance between work and family, and put a secure and dignified retirement within the reach of all Americans.

That's what I call putting it in writing. That's transparency as good as it gets. It may or may not come to pass. But damn, it sure looks better than anything I've seen coming out of Washington for a long time.

Anyone can remember "change (dot) gov" so there's no excuse for not putting in one's two cents worth. It's like voting. If you haven't gone to the trouble to at least DO IT you have no cause to bitch if things don't go how you like. (And, as in the case of voting, you may or may not get what you want, but at least you can claim the right to bitch.)

Rather than explain my post title, I'll move Waldo Lydecker's post here in toto for your amusement. Brevity really is the soul of wit.
(Dull-witted readers can skip this part and move on the next item, whatever that may be.)


Somewhere, Humpty Dumpty is laughing-

Hendrick Hertzberg reveals GOP fabulist Newt Gingrich- one of the cheerleaders of DOMA- on how Republicans can romp all over gays every election season and still argue they are for individual liberty and no governmental interference in people's lives:

...And whether they are fascists on the right or fascists on the left, they’re fascists, because they believe in imposing their views on you, outside the law, or they believe in using the law to force you to change who you are. And I’m opposed to fascism of any kind.

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