Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Coal Ash in the News - NOT

The Internet is changing how stuff gets done.
Like the news.
When a story is not longer fresh and visual, most media drop it and move on to something else. But that doesn't mean the story is no longer important or was resolved.

tech President was created to monitor the activities of But there's a lot more going on than meets the eye. Especially if the eye is not on You Tube or twitter.

Twitter, it seems, is exploding as a means of transmitting just about anything in words, as long as the idea will fit into 140 characters or less.

Check this...

...wired Obama campaign to a presidential administration connecting with supporters and non-supporters alike, via the Washington Post's Jose Antonio Vargas's recap piece, "e-Hail To the Chief." Vargas captures some provocative quotes, including a few gems from our own Andrew Rasiej and this from former Bush White House Internet director David Almacy: "Obama is the first online social networking president."

...Take a look at the White House's latest press conference on the conflict. White House Deputy Press Secretary Gordon Johndroe answers often don't go much beyond 140 characters. In other news on the Gaza-gets-wired front, Benjamin Nethanyahu is out with a YouTube video,

And here's a great piece of journalism via You Tube.

And take a look at the twitter site, Realtime results for #coalash

Roane County schools will use bottled water for meals from Sandra Diaz's tweet

There are many hundreds of tweets...
Too many for me to follow.

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