Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Donald Sensing is made of the right stuff

One of the best bloggers out there is still alive, having survived a car crash he was able to walk away from. First person account and pictures are dramatic. Donald Sensing's response is a study in humility and faith. I sometimes use the word durable to describe people. In this case, it is a perfect fit.

...Tom Wolfe related some stories about jet fighter flight testing in the 1950s.
The pilots who lived to tell about it said once they figured out they were not going to be able to control the plane, they used the "Jesus maneuver." They cut the throttle, folded their hands in their lap, took their feet off the pedals and said, "Jesus, it's your airplane."

Sometimes the plane stabilized. Sometimes it didn't. Sometimes the pilots walked away from their landing. More often, they were carried, provided there was anything left to be carried.

He made it.

It is not really that for five seconds I was dead, and now am alive again. That is God's gift truly, but my life has always been God's gift, even before I acknowledged it.

The clarity is this: I know that for the rest of my life, I am really just a dead man walking. That evokes a certain freedom and a longer view of life. So Saturday night, just before I went to bed, I went alone in the dark to my living room, sat down and thanked God for the clarity.

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