Monday, December 03, 2007

Vanderleun on Democrats in the Iowa Caucus

I haven't linked to Gerard Vanderleun for a while. Seems like ever since he became a Pajamas big shot he got so partisan he couldn't have fun unless he was twisting a knife in someone. But a couple of recent posts are a bit lighter.

Go read about the Neck-Pro. More items like this would make American Digest more fun. Think one-man Boing Boing. With more and more bloggers getting into groups, blogs by individuals are a vanishing breed. Maybe professional writers don't count since they are published elsewhere, but even lots of them are joining groups.

Check out The Ice Storm of Iowa: A Choice of "Sortas".
This is political satire at its best. It hits the mark four times (sorta gay, sorta black, sorta female and sorta crazy) but in each case I can imaging this material being suitable for a roast recognizing each of the targets. Criticism is not the same when the target can laugh along with the critic...and I think each of these could do so. (Not at the moment, of course. Coming up to an election you gotta be real serious. But later this could be fun stuff.)

I'll be glad when the election is over. Maybe things will settle down. Some people complain about bad weather on the finest of beautiful days, but it seems like every body gets like that coming up to an election. I'm getting sick of platitudes, cheap shots and innuendos.

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