Friday, April 04, 2008

Clarence Jones on C-SPAN

This morning's Washington Journal featured a segment with Clarence Jones, former attorney and speechwriter for Martin Luther King, Jr. What was planned as a routine Q & A of an author of a new book became instead one of the most engaging twenty minute segment I have ever seen on C-SPAN. Mr. Jones tells the story of how he was recruited into the Civil Rights movement by Dr. King.

This man is a national treasure and his story is not to be missed. In a clear and exciting narrative he leads the listener through one of the best first-person accounts of how he was led to make a personal commitment to King's historic movement.

I wish there were a way to embed the segment, but the reader will have to go to the C-SPAN link and watch it there.

Here is the link to today's show....

Drag the timer to the last twenty minutes of the program (2:40:00).

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