Saturday, April 12, 2008

Torture in Your Name, Mister or Missus American

Torture? What?
We're better than that!
Just a few bad apples, they said.
But the bad apples weren't at the bottom of the barrel.
They were right on top.

Digby lays it out...

There was a time when the Village clucked and screeched about "defiling the white house" with an extra marital affair or hosting fund raising coffees. I would say this leaves a far greater stain on that institution than any sexual act could ever do. They did this in your name, Americans.

The vice president, national security advisor and members of the president's cabinet sat around the white house "choreographing" the torture and the president approved it. I have to say that even in my most vivid imaginings about this torture scheme it didn't occur to me that the highest levels of the cabinet were personally involved... much less that we would reach a point where the president of the United States would shrug his shoulders and say he approved.

Read the whole thing if you have the stomach. I'm already in the choir so she's not preaching to me. As an American I'm already embarrassed.

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