Monday, April 28, 2008

My sentiments regarding Jeremiah Wright

I saw Jeremiah Wright a couple of days ago on C-SPAN. He was speaking to an NAACP meeting. The man displays one of the most adroit intellects I have ever seen. His command of a multitude of social and historical facts is impressive. And he's not only smart, he's also in-your-face candid. I didn't hear anything all that controversial, but I'm sure he said enough to give endless soundbites to his critics.

Ours is an age of reductionism, not reflection. I have observed that most people cannot think in paragraphs. A sentence with two ideas is about as complicated as it gets for the average person. And those two ideas are typically the opinion they hold and its opposite, against which they argue. Sad. Very sad, indeed.

I'm not going to waste more space with this subject. Here is the post from Digby's blog that inspired me to write this much.

...he's not some cheesy plastic replicant out of a fifties fantasy of what America should be.

If the man who spoke to Moyers - and who's shown in long excerpts (for tv, that is) of his sermons - is who Jeremiah Wright really is, the rightwing likely has committed a spectacular blunder in trying to demonize him - and by extension, Obama. The more opportunities given Wright to reach a national audience, the harder it will be to counteract him, let alone brand him as some America-hating black power radical. So, as far as I'm concerned, the more the right wants to make an issue out of him, the better.

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