Saturday, June 28, 2008

Lumiere plays Schubert Notturno

One of my favorites.
I have been checking You Tube from the beginning for a good recording of this music. This was added last month. Only 272 views at tnis writing. I wish it were more than audio, but I'll take what I can get.

Chamber music is for many listeners and performers the highest form of classical music. This group placed among the fourth place competition of The Chamber Music Foundation of New England.

The ICMEC auditions were held at Boston University in April and May of this year. Groups competed in five age groups and nine chamber music categories including piano duos, piano trios, piano quartets, sonata duos, jazz and folk ensembles, ensembles with winds and string and vocal ensembles.

Two years as a music education undergraduate many years ago infected me for life. I learned that to be a successful musician one should be rich or gifted... preferably both. That's why I paid the rent as a food service manager. But I had one of the best music appreciation courses anyone could ever want.

Anecdote from the good old days...
If you ask musicians what is the most nearly perfect of instruments most will say the human voice. But when you ask an organist he will tell you the pipe organ.

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