Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Wesley Clark on McCain

I've come across this video a couple of times this morning.
Just keeping up with the campaign.

Jesse Wendel ticks off the points as Clark cleans the clock of the journalist.

1. Clark took on the media and won.

2. The media took sides.

3. Clark was very, dare I say it... Vice-Presidential.

This is worth repeating:

Clark was a full grown adult in a room of children.

The interview was a dangerous emotional blow to McCain's reputation. Furthermore it is a strategic blow precisely because it undercuts McCain emotionally and rationally, at the core of who he (McCain) says he is. The Obama camp needs to get General Clark out in front of more and larger audiences with the same precise message.

Clark is genuinely DANGEROUS. He's not pretending to be; he is.

Sounds pretty good to me.
I looked at his Wikipedia article and he sure looks good there. In fact, he was born to a Jewish father but his name was later officially changed to protect him from anti-semetic sentiments in the South (Arkansas). That should win a few points with the Jewish community. And Barack Obama could use a few points there.


genghis said...

Not while Clark's booster site is still stuffed full of foaming-mouthed Hillary fans taking potshots at the nominee a few hundred times each day, and its front page still exhorts visitors to "help him campaign for Senator Clinton".

Hoots said...

Yep, I think you're right. I came across this observation just a few hours ago. The post and comment make a good point.

I can't imagine the Obama people are happy about these comments. The next obvious question to follow that up with (as the hosts of Morning Joe so aptly do) is "well what about Barack Obama?" Thus shifting the issue back on the candidate Clark is trying to promote. This guy will never be VP, he can't keep a talking point straight.

And in the comment...

I agree this was a disappointment. While other Obama supporters were fawning over what Clark said here I thought his performance was lackluster. He needs to drive harder at a specific and clear point rather than dancing around this issue like he appeared to do in his wandering response.

Clark may be clean as a pin on paper but he's not presidential on his feet. But then most professional warriors are not famous for nuance.

I will feel better if he picks a politician of any stripe rather than a military pro. It's time for another Trumanesque firm hand on the military throttle.