Sunday, June 29, 2008

Ira Glass' This American Life

My other post this morning made me recall this, my favorite episode from This American Life. Ira Glass has been doing this program for years and getting better at it all the time. You can find You Tube videos to see what he looks like (and why he's better off on the radio), or see the movie (which I have not).

Anyway, if time is limited take four minutes to listen to the prologue, then get a cup of coffee and enjoy the next twenty minutes. Act One is "The Family That Flees Together Trees Together." This is a great story.

The Jarvis family, a group of eight, goes on the run from the law — for seven years. They live on a boat, in a treehouse in a swamp. They escape capture time after time. And how do the kids turn out, living a life outside of society, as fugitives? Surprisingly great. (22 minutes)

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