Monday, October 20, 2008

I Am That One

The creative minds behind the community of are Sarah Ashby, Carlton Adams and Rachel Lee.

These twenty-somethings were tired of the negative messages shown on television and the internet, pertaining to the presidential race. They were unwilling to stand-by and not share the positive message of oneness that they knew so many desired to hear and see.

Their vision was to take a potentially divisive phrase such as that one and re-present it as something positive and unifying.

Inspired by the message of hope, change and community from Barack Obamas campaign, together they wrote and produced the I Am That One video and subsequently the website.

As the video illustrates, the creative team comes from different areas of the US (Atlanta, GA & St. Louis, MO) but agree that this political season should not perpetuate messages of mistrust, hatred and fear, but should offer personal messages & testimonials of what links us together.

The assumption that their generation is apathetic to what is going on has once again been negated. With a camera, laptops and a powerful idea, they are living that dream, rising up...insisting on new ideas.

I Am That One is by the people and for the people. Its an idea based on the opportunities everyone is afforded and the dream so many want to see come true.


Good work kids! You make me feel better about the future.

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