Saturday, October 18, 2008

Jill Biden at work

This came to my attention just now as I was recalling the Dream Act. No time to go into details here. The reader will have to do his or her own homework. This post is a glance at Joe Biden's wife. As I read I thought about the other vice-presidential candidate's spouse, affectionately referred to as "First Dude." Man, what a contrast...
Dr. Jill Biden is a professor of English Composition at Delaware Technical Community College whose husband, Joe, happens to be on the verge of becoming the next vice president of the United States. I refer to her that way because I sat in on a conference call with Dr. Biden this afternoon, and I can't remember when I've interviewed a public figure who sounded so much like the people I work with every day. Of course, that probably has to do with the fact that I'm also a teacher, and coincidentally, so were several other bloggers on the call. So what follows are notes on a conversation among mothers and teachers about education.
Biden, 57, who earned two Masters and a Doctorate while working full time and raising children, began by describing herself as, "the mother of three kids who are adults now and proud grandmother of five." She ticked off the stakes for women in this election, noting noting that more women primary breadwinners, taking care of parents as well as children. We still make 77 cents on the dollar compared to a man.
Despite the presidential campaign, Biden said she is still teaching four days a week, "because my students are also important to me." Over the last eight years, she said she has often seen students who can't afford books, or who have to interrupt their studies for financial reasons. Echoing recent news reports, she talked about the difficulty her students are having when it comes to getting college loans. According to Jill, “Barack and Joe understand because they had to overcome obstacles to get to where they are today.”
In response to a two-part question about the education of children of immigrants, Gray said comprehensive immigration reform will be a priority in the first term of an Obama administration. This problem is a by-product of failure to provide a pathway to citizenship. Obama introduced Illinois’ version of the DREAM act. He and Biden introduced Federal version of DREAM act. Has support from Republicans such as Hagel and Lugar. They think it’s an opportunity to do what’s right. She added that their education plan also includes vocational education. They are talking about various models of high schools as well as supporting vocational education in community colleges.
I don't understand how any informed voter can seriously...
Oh, forget it.
Forget I mentioned it.

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