Thursday, November 27, 2008

About National Health Care... Who said this?

(Hint: It isn't Barack Obama. The origin is not spelled out at the link but it's easy to find.)

It is impossible to catch up with fraud in a paper based system. It is routinely stopped in an electronic system. Recent polling indicates that, while 61% of Americans generally favor electronic medical records, a full 82% say that they are more likely to support such a system if it is able to combat Medicaid fraud.

At the Center for Health Transformation our goal is for America to have a paperless electronic health system, with every American having an electronic health record, by December 2012. We propose a national defense electronic health system paid for by the federal government, following the Eisenhower national defense interstate highway model. Estimates are that creating such a network would cost $15 billion per year, over ten years, but create savings of at least $80 billion a year.

We believe that, by doing this, we can save enough money on fraud prevention to cover the entire cost of the electronic health system and to generate extra money to apply to covering the uninsured with a tax credit.

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