Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The World is Watching America

Visitors today to my most visited post, What is Barack Obama's religion? Updated, published two years ago, come from many places.

Of the last 100 tracked by one of the stat trackers these were from other countries...

Leicester England United Kingdom
Ottawa Ontario Canada
Bristol England United Kingdom
Vetlanda Jonkopings Lan Sweden
Trinidad And Tobago
Cairo Al Qahirah Egypt
Mandaluyong City Manila Philippines
London England United Kingdom
Bergen Hordaland Norway
Vienna Wien Austria
Copenhagen Kobenhavn Denmark
Manchester England United Kingdom
Winnipeg Manitoba Canada

This attention feeds my vanity as a blogger, but as a citizen of the USA it makes me want to dance and sing.

Today is historic, no matter what happens. My personal preferences are well-known, but no one in this country, Democrat, Republican or Other, should feel anything but pride in the exemplary manner by which this country changes leadership. What we are not only witnessing but being part of today is civility at its best.

I know there are mistakes, extremes and abuses. Even fraud and deceptions. Even threats and potential violence. But when measured against our past -- I'm thinking about riots and civil disturbances, the abuses of the civil rights struggle, the fight for women's suffrage, even the Civil War -- what is happening today can accurately be called truly historic.

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