Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Is this the new Geekspeak?

Sez here at Twitter Blog...

Cache-Money is an elegant write-through caching plugin for Ruby on Rails. In write-through caching, new or updated data is first written to an efficient cache (such as memcached) [(pronunciation: mem-cache-dee.)]and then stored in a database; subsequent requests for this data are then likely to read the data from the faster cache, rather than from the slower database. In addition to the efficiency gains associated with caching, this technique also addresses the risk of short-term replication lag between master and slave databases since data written during the lag time will likely be present in the cache. Cache-Money plugs directly into Rails's ActiveRecord to transparently provide this functionality. I said, "Huh...???"

I'm reminded of the first time I did DIY plumbing. I knew at once that I was very happy that someone else was able to take care of plumbing assignments and I am more than happy to pay an experienced plumber to do what has to be done.

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