Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Allah Made Palestinians Funny

Today's most remarkable post is from a secret blog from arabia...
Local Hero is one three contributors to the group blog, listing his favorite Arab-American comedians. [permalink]

For some reason all of these comedians I have seen are Palestinians , but don’t let that put you off ;-)

There are some other guys like Ahmed Ahmed an Egyptian American guy and Indian American called Azhur Usmon who I think are funny as well but u’ll have to google for last guy to his site. Believe me, if you like good comedy it is better to listen to these guys than to sit through any more crap Arab sitcoms or hidden camera programs that you will find on TV. Ya3ny at what point does a guy wearing a batman outfit jumping out in front of an old lady with shopping stop being funny when you have seen the sketch or ones just like it for a hundred times? Arab comedy needs to get a little more sophisticated like their Arab American cousins.

I'm not sure what to make of this post. It doesn't fit with the bleakly serious picture of the Middle East that we are being fed daily. I linked to Ahmed Ahmed and it really is funny!

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