Tuesday, November 15, 2005

A native son speaks out against terrorism

The Muslims cannot allow America to fight this war on terror, because it is in essence a war against us. It is the Muslims who need to wage jihad against Al Qa3da ,because America and the West are incapable of differentiating between civilians and combatants or Islam and terrorism. We cannot blame them for this confusion because it seems like our own Ummah (the entire Muslim population)cannot tell the difference either.

The biggest sin in Islam is a thing called Bid3ah (innovation). All changes (bid3ah) to how our religion is to be practiced from that of the way our Prophet prescribed for us will ‘lead to the hell fire.’ Jihad is not a bid3ah and as Muslims we should be prepared to fight and kill to protect our religion and our lands…BUT Terrorism IS a bid3ah. There are strict rules of engagement to fighting Jihad that our Prophet Mohamed recommended for us:
1) Women and children are not allowed to be killed.
This is a bid3ah.
2) Only Allah is allowed to take human life with fire. Suicide bombings are a bid3ah.
3) It is not permissible to spill the blood of another Muslim.
This is a bid3ah.
4) Murder is 100% illegal in Islam. To do this and then ascribe it to our religion is perhaps the worst bid3ah.

It is time Muslims got on the offensive and took the war too Al Qa3da ourselves. We cannot allow America to fight this war for us because she doesn’t care for us. This war on terrorism is not about Us or Them as that idiot Bush said. It is simply about us ...and the Iraq situation is not going to remain contained. That family slaughter in Jordan is proof that we are all at risk and should be our wake up call...

A breath of fresh air in a smothering environment. Praise the Lord! Praise God! Praise the Prophet!
Read, inhale and rejoice!

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