Thursday, May 25, 2006

Fair Tax Rally overflows

Those of us living in the metro Atlanta area have had the fair tax drumbeat in our heads for the last several years. The Fair Tax book, hardback edition, enjoyed a good run on the NY Times best-seller list, and the more recent paperback, with additions and revisions, seems to be doing as well. Neal Boortz, being the quiet, modest, polished and informative talk show host that he is, makes it a point to keep all his listeners up to speed on progress of this grass-roots movement to do away with the IRS, replacing it with a national sales tax.

The Fair Tax is not the same as The Flat Tax, although both are being discussed together as a growing number of people do their homework.

I find only one report this morning about the event, but last night there was a rally at the Gwinnett Convention Center aimed at promoting the Fair Tax. This suburban setting was chosen for several reasons. Acording to Boortz there was no way to predict how well this first of a kind event might be attended. He is savy enough to know that a half-empty large venue would look worse than an overflowing smaller one. Also, the intown choices were not seen as attractive because of traffic congestion.

The crowd that showed up was about four and a half thousand strong. WSB radio was announcing as early as 7:00 PM that the place was already full and the fire marshal said no more people would be allowed into the facility. Apparently about two thousand people were turned away.

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Aaron said...

"quiet, modest, polished"

haha! That's Neal!