Monday, May 15, 2006

"Neocon" defined

Checking Nur's blogroll I came across a blog by Victorino de la Vega y Alcantara, Middle East Memo. The latest post defines neocons. I just love it when I find snark dressed up so nice. Like I have nothing else to read, it has been added to the list for the time being.

Neo-conservatives are not only “Kantians with cruise missiles” as an old-school conservative historian once said, or “Socratic thugs” or “pro-Israeli Trotskyite turncoats”, even though there is a certain degree of truth to each of these characterizations- based on the alleged influence of Neo-Platonic “Straussian” philosophy on the Neocon movement.
[etc, etc...]
Once they had decided to leave the liberal camp (around the late 1960s’), most “neoconservatives” had to choose which part of the non-liberal political spectrum they would inhabit: they had ample choice within existing varieties of American centrist and conservative schools of thoughts…

Tellingly, most of these former leftwing activists chose the ultra-nationalist far right.

I'll have a little more, thanks.


Jim said...

Hoots, the President will tackle immigration reform on television tonight. Check out my post from yesterday, The Shadow President: On Immigration Reform, if you want to see what the guy ought to say.

Blessings from your favorite neocon blogbuddy! (I didn't read the link yet, so I hope I'm not claiming to be some neo-Nazi.)

Jim said...

OK, I read the link. Guess I'm not a neocon after all, but more of a paleocon. My own term, but it shows that I'm in there with Moses on morality and von Mises on economics. In other words, I'm 55, but as old as R. Reagan (and I don't mean the dancing pundit on MSNBC).

Jim said...

As Columbo as Maxwell Smart both used to say: "Just one more thing…"

On third thought Hoots, I just read the Wikipedia article on Paleoconservatism, a term which someone else coined years ago without my permission. Now I guess I just need to claim to be a bibliocon. That ought to get me in big trouble.

I now return control of your comments section to you.