Monday, November 13, 2006

A Billion Bloggers

That would be billion, with a "b." Michael S. Malone says that's the number he thinks will be the eventual number when the number of blogs reaches "equilibrium."

My gut tells me that the total number of blogs will slow to an equilibrium -- those arriving matched by those departing -- at somewhere around a billion blogs.

But the content of those billion blogs -- that is, the total number of bits generated by the world's blogs in a given month -- will continue to increase at the current prodigious pace (that is, doubling about every nine months) almost forever.

How? You can see it already. The plain vanilla blog -- monochromatic graphics, mostly text -- of a couple years ago has evolved into an increasingly multimedia experience with colorful graphics, digital photos, and increasingly, video.

Stuff is going on all over even basic blogs these days. And at the cutting edge, blogs are developing a whole new visual grammar combining fonts, prose, images, streaming video, podcasts and YouTube windows.

Interesting read. I was feeling kinda insignificant, but this piece made me feel even more so. 'Scuse me while I resume posting at my little vanilla blog. Thanks Allison Kaplan Sommer for the link. She's gonna be one of the literary treasures found in the sweet crude of the tomorow's blogosphere.

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