Tuesday, November 14, 2006

'Iraq: Legacy of Hate' : The Lost Generation

Link here to a forty-seven minute long documentary.

I haven't watched it because I have to go to work, but I have an idea where it is headed.


When the US-led invasion of Iraq promised to replace Saddam Hussein's brutal regime with freedom and democracy, nearly half of the country's population was under 21.

'Iraq: The Lost Generation' opens a window onto the hidden world of Iraqi youth, revealing the brutalisation and psychological trauma of living under military occupation. It reveals how the people with whom the future of Iraq rests, are reacting with anger, aggression and, in some cases, violence.

Operating at great personal risk, a local Iraqi journalist and crew travelled widely throughout the country, outside the safety of the green zone, to document the lives of a range of young people whose hopes and dreams have been shattered by the occupation. This film highlights how the radicalisation of a generation has taken place -- it's not just the Americans who are the only enemy now there is civil war in Iraq.

H/T Zeyad

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