Friday, November 24, 2006

Get. Out. Now.

Found at Gregory Djerejian's blog, Belgravia Dispatch. This is from a National Review article.

At the Democratic convention in Chicago in 1968, while his policemen were beating up the demonstrators along the Loop and in Lincoln Park, Mayor Richard Daley apparently told Lyndon Johnson that it was time to pull the troops out of Vietnam, once and for all. "How am I to do this?" Johnson asked pleadingly. To which Daley is said to have replied: "You put the fucking troops on the fucking planes and you get them out of there!"
What could be plainer?
Any questions?

The post is long and thoghtful. I just wanted to get attention by snipping this one paragraph.


Cass said...

Yes'sir, I do have a question :) What do you foresee as the effect of an immediate pullout? What are the possible repercussions, here and there?

Hoots said...

That's the scariest part of getting out. Nobody knows what the results might be.

The situation is like that of a trauma patient with a knife inside, too close to vital organs to risk pulling it out without killing the patient. Result: they bring the patient to the hospital and the medical team has to do what they can to remove the knife and hope for the best.

The results depend in great part upon who's on the team. But before the team is assembled, the decision to do the deed must first be agreed upon by the US. Humpty-Dumpty and all the king's men are gonna have to stop living in the dream world that Greg Djerejian describes so well in a later post which referrred to a group of Sunni worshipers who were grabbed at gunpoint, doused with kerosene and burned to death as they left services.

... are there no senior public servants with the courage to tell the President, very directly, how awful the situation has become--so as to better snap him out of his 'freedom is on the march' reverie? Can we no longer expect even a modicum of reality-based competence and seriousness from our most senior political leaders? Don't 300 million Americans deserve better than this, finally? They're fed up, of course, and have registered their disapproval in the recent election, so we now at least have the prospects of real (rather than totally supine) Congressional oversight.

The will to leave Iraq has to replace the will to remain. I am finally convinced that our presence is creating more problems than we can handle and the time to get out is immediately. We can deal with the downside as well from outside the country as we can inside.

The surgery is over. It's time to close the patient and hope for no major infections.