Sunday, November 05, 2006

A Mennonite girl experiences the Roman Catholic mass

I don't know a lot about Mennonites other than that they share the Anabaptist heritage with the Amish and others. Unlike the Amish, Mennonites do not routinely stop education with eighth grade but continue through college. There is also an online presence with the cyber-version of Mennonite Weekly Review.

Here is a warm, appreciative post by a young woman at Young Anabaptist Radicals who has been attending mass long enough to love that form of worship.

Over the last year and half at Notre Dame, I have let myself become more and more engulfed in mass. It calms me. It blesses me. And the spirit moves. I feel more andmore that I am coming to understand what transubstantiation means. I think this understanding actually came more as a result of backpacking this summer and reading a lot of Mystics, than actually participating in mass. How can I not understand or recognize the embodiment of the Divine—In the trees, in the Earth, in Eyes that shine, in conversations that churn my stomach, and yes, in the wine and bread?
Take a moment to read the whole thing. Then read the comments. This is Christian witness illustrating ecumenical tolerance at its best. What a great find for a Sunday afternoon!

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