Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Ezra Klein on Immigration: "...the choice looks to me like this bill or nothing."

Lots of meat in four paragraphs.

Not to be too crude about this, but if the Republican base thinks this immigration bill is a bad idea, that seems like a fairly serious argument in its favor.

Check it out.
Cernig noticed, adding...
The Republican Base has been consistently wrong so doing the opposite is not a bad short-cut.


Cernig said...

Hi Hoots,

It wasn't me, it was my co-blogger Fester. Although I do wish I had said it.

deadissue.com said...

I say go with nothing and legislate more funds to beef up what's already on the books.

This whole "guest worker" concept is making me sick to even think about. Too much selling out going on in DC already, and to say that this is a worthy giveaway to anyone is bullshit.

Make these businesses pay a living wage!