Sunday, May 13, 2007

Peter, aka geriatric 1927, has a guest!

This is a historic first!
Peter Oakley's most recent YouTube video includes a cute young woman as his guest. She has come from Australia and is apparently in England on YouTube business.
How utterly charming is this !?
I feel as though I am watching something important, although it appears to be completely mundane.
By the way, my post about the Zimmer Band is making the rounds and it's getting a lot of hits. Email nessages are passing the link around.
I can tell by checking the sitemeter referrals.

Here is what Peter wrote at You Tube:

Caitlin (TheHill88) came to visit and film to do a series of documemtaries for a project that she is involved with. She will give you all the details when she has completed her filming. We spent a fun day together and my contribution was the anwering of her questions related to the subject.I thought it too good an opportunity to miss whilst she was here to do this little video of the meeting between young and old.

This is not just anyone, by the way. Caitlin Hill one of YouTube's other high-traffic success stories. This Wikipedia article wil get the curious reader up to speed. I've watched a couple of her videos and she's cute as a button.


A few hours later and the video is no longer available. Wonder what happened?
In case the Wikipedia article also vanishes, here it is...

Caitlin Hill (born September 8, 1988) is a YouTube user under the name TheHill88. She produces, edits and uploads her videos from her home in Brisbane, Australia. Hill first gained notice on YouTube August 17, 2006, for a one minute video response to Richard Stern.

Described by Stephen Hutcheon of The Age as a "cheesy rap response", YouTube featured it; and the video went on to accumulate over 3,900,000 views. With over 30,000 subscribers, the 18-year-old maintains YouTube's 13th most subscribed channel of all time. In May 2007, Hill became a "YouTube partner". This exclusive status lets her take advantage of "promotional opportunities" and advertiser based revenue sharing. In addition to her own output, Hill plays a recurring role in Choose Your Own Tube, a YouTube serial produced and directed by Remi Broadway.

Hill plies her fame to The Darfur Wall, earning the nonprofit website hundreds of hits in a period of two weeks. Her fansite ranks #2 in advocacy points.
In February 2007, Hill visited California to take part in the
"As One" YouTube gathering in San Francisco. During her stay, she appeared on Tom Green Live with "Weird Al" Yankovic and Mike Vallely.

Peter put up another video explaining what happened. Apparently Caitlin's appearance on his video triggered a rash of disgusting comments, so he had the video taken down.
His explanation video shows a rather sad and tired Peter Oakley telling his viewers about the episode and why he had it removed...
(Embedding disabled at his request.)

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