Saturday, April 07, 2007

The Zimmers "My Generation" via geriatric 1927

Our man Peter, aka geriatric 1937, announced Friday the release of a CD. This will be top-quality musical material with a view of showcasing the talents of a select group of energetic old people. Here is a video tickler.

Here is a link to the MySpace site promoting The Zimmers Band.
The following is copied from there.



Ever thought that Take That were too old to still be called a Boyband? Do you think the Rolling Stones should retire? Well if you answered Yes to both of these questions then you are gonna LOVE this...welcome to the wonderful world of THE ZIMMERS!

Formed in early 2007, The Zimmers are not only the oldest gigging band in the world (with an average age of 78), they are also the most celebrated, having recorded their debut album at the famous Abbey Road Studios, under the watchful eye of Acclaimed Producer Mike Hedges.

Oh and by the way, don't tell them you think this is funny, with more aggression than Nirvana and more talent than The Beatles, these OAP's are here to stay. Their first single 'My Generation' is released on May 14th. Expect it to climb faster than a Stenna Stair Lift!

Other songs in THE ZIMMERS repertoire include 'Firestarter' by The Prodigy, 'When I'm (one hundred and)64' by The Beatles and the live favorite (Jermain Stewarts worldwide hit) 'We Don't have to take our clothes off (to have a good time)'.


Winifred Warburton (99)
Eric Whitty (69)
Tim O'Donovan (81)
Joan Bennett (it's rude to ask a ladies age!)
Alf Carretta (90 years old – Zimmers lead singer) and Bingo friends Ivy Lock, Rose Dickens, Dolores Murray, Rita, Sylvia Beaton, Sally Page.
Gillian (Deddie) Davies (69 years old - Actor)
Peter Oakley (Coming up for 80)

Otherwise known as “Geriatric 1927” to regular You Tubers, Peter has become the internet Grandad through his video blogs with his reflections on life. People love the fact that he’s just himself – utterly genuine – as well as being someone who challenges many of the stereotypes of elderly people. In the build up to the Abbey Road session Peter was looking forward to meeting others face to face for a change, and he watched videos of The Who performing My Generation live in preparation for our recording.
Buster Martin (100)
John & Bubbles Tree (big jazz fans – used to listen to Chris Walker's jazz show on Radio Solent), Rob Fulford (Used to enjoy Dennis Skillicorn’s sailing programme on Radio Solent), Dennis Skillicorn (Former presenter on Radio Solent)
Grace Cook (83)


Jill said...

This was just terrific. Thanks, I'm going to have to do a post on it.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant, what an incentive to the rest of us who have reached retirement age, my heart goes out to these great people.