Monday, April 16, 2007

Best Friends Video -- Pug and Toddler

Remember Jake from a year and a half ago?
He's a pug, one of the most appealing of all the little dogs, and he still lives with us.
(Molly lives here, too, but this post is about Jake. She won't be jealous because they're good friends.)
He won the contest, thanks in part to readers of this blog.
Here's a six-minute visit with another pug and a friend.
It took two years to make these pictures and they will last forever, getting more precious, like good wine, as the years go by.

I looked up Israel Kamakawiwo, the singer you hear in the background, and was inspired to put together another post to him.
Here is the link.


Jeanette said...

Sweet! I still have a smile on my face. Plan to post it on my site with a hat tip to you. Hope you don't mind.

Jennifer said...

Great video! and so very cute....Jake is adorable, and there can be no other loyal and loved friend than him!

Bob said...


Wonderful video -- it echoes my feelings about our canine companions perfectly.

Incidentally, is that Israel Kamakawiwo doing the background music?

Dr Bob

Hoots said...

I didn't know about Israel Kamakawiwo but you're right. I found the same piece at YouTube on the first search.
Jake's Mama sent me this video and I grabbed it at once. It's great piece of craftsmanship, whoever put it together. Glad you liked it.