Wednesday, April 11, 2007

You have a lot on your plate? You don't have a clue.

Remember Amanda Baggs? If not go learn about her first, then continue reading.

This is a woman with a lot on her plate. She opens her post with a single, simple line:

There’s a number of things I haven’t done.

Apparently her appearance on CNN has dumped an avalanche of demands on her and she is trying to respond to it all as best she can despite her limitations. She's not looking for sympathy but patience on the part of others who are waiting. He own measure of patience seems to be supernaturally endless. Autism is just the beginning...

I am not just autistic. I also have a number of other things going on, which I’ll just give the medicalistic labels for here. I have migraines severe and constant enough that in themselves they’d be considered severely disabling. I have wrist tendonitis (and I type to communicate, so that’s more a big deal than it sounds), a jaw that wants to dislocate and causes pain, and some sort of undefined knee problem (the right one pops out of place a lot and hurts when it does that), as well as general joint pain (all of which may or may not be associated with hypermobility syndrome, which I was told I have a few weeks ago). I have some kind of neuropathic or central pain. I have stamina problems (currently classified as chronic fatigue syndrome, but possibly associated with some of the other stuff I have going on). I have asthma. I probably have undiagnosed Tourette’s and OCD (I have tics, obsessions and compulsions, but I’ve never had it diagnosed as anything). I have stomach and bowel problems. I have PTSD. I have movement stuff that has been classified as catatonia. I have complex-partial seizures, although they’re really well controlled and only happen a couple times a year by now. I probably have brain damage from neuroleptics making the movement stuff more obvious. And a partridge in a pear tree.

If you've been too long on the pity pot, either crap or get out of the way. There's at least one person out there with more challenges than you can imagine. Take a deep breath and go read her post.

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