Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Supporting the troops his latest plan of escalation, in which he committed 20,000 extra troops to Iraq (including giving orders that 4,000 troops deploy to the Anbar province), was irresponsible.

He committed and deployed troops to Iraq without knowing if he had the funding for them to be there and work out their mission.

As such, the president intentionally put the lives of our brothers and sisters in greater risk by not having the funding they needed. Funding for escalation doesn’t simply mean for bombs and what have you, it means even the money to sustain the troops that are there. I fear the effects of having troops there without the things they need to be even marginally secure.

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If the Democrats don't take off the gloves w/ this guy soon, he'll have won something...that being the extension of this time when he retains relevance within the debate.

He's already lost that when it comes to the rest of the world:

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I posted that wrong - here it is: Riding on Old Yeller