Wednesday, April 25, 2007

What part of "GET OUT OF HERE!" do we not understand?

I's so tired of writing about this war I want to stop trying. But too many people are dying because US policy will not let it change direction, so fatigue is no excuse for not keeping up the pressure.

There's this growing US government line that Iraqi Sunnis are turning pro-American. So hold your breath and have a look at the most recent major public opinion survey (carried out just last month), 97% of Sunnis oppose the US presence in the country, 97% say that they have little or no confidence in US and UK occupation forces, and 94% say that the presence of US forces in Iraq makes the security situation worse. Only 5% expect putting more US forces into Baghdad and Anbar to improve the security situation (68% expect it to make things worse, 27% think it will make no difference). Only 2% blame al-Qaeda for the violence, and none (at least statistically significantly) blame Sunni insurgents. 94% of Sunnis
say that attacks on coalition forces are acceptable, while 66% consider attacks on Iraqi government forces unacceptable (showing starkly the political line that the insurgent factions are laying down against al-Qaeda). Bottom line: local opinion likely is turning against al-Qaeda, but the beneficiary is more likely to be the insurgency factions than the United States, no matter what the Weekly Standard tells you.

Mark Lynch

And the Tillman/Lynch testimonies are old news for many of us.

I suppose the next development on the national political scene will be the villifiction of these two families by the same voices that have stained the names and reputations of John Murtha, Harry Reid and Cindy Sheehan.

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