Sunday, May 13, 2007

Imogen Heap Video, Delightful and New to Me

One of the rewards of getting older is discovering that gifted creative young people are multiplying faster than people are dying. It makes me feel better about the world our grandchildren will inherit...presuming, of course, we don't destroy it first by collective indifference.

I found this video via newly-found Persian blog, Serendip.

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This afternoon I sent an email to LC Media, the people who put together The Infinite Mind, a wonderful radio program I listen to every Friday on my way home from work. I want them to put together a You Tube video for my blog. A couple of years ago one of their programs included a great poem by John Hockenberry, Lamentations of the Boomers. I put together a post about it and got a few hits. Apparently I'm not the only person around with obscure tastes.

Sometime between then and now they stopped letting people listen to the program on line (read "for free") and replaced the "listen now" link to a podcast with another link to a place where if you have the time, money, interest and inclination you can purchase the whole program. Too bad for anyone who only wanted to hear John Hockenberry's poem...And I might add, too bad for the program if they really want to prick any one's curiosity about the rest of the program. And yes, I'm still getting hits looking for that post. Too bad they will be disappointed.

Anyway, I asked in my email for them to please put out a You Tube video of John Hockenberry reading his poem. That's the way names and information is now being disseminated. They used to call it advertising, but that's a commodity you play for if you are a seeker of fame and name recognition. It's the same commodity you seek to avoid if you are in the target audience. That's why people go to the fridge during commercials, use Tivo or simply pay the new higher fees for "on demand" content from cable providers.

Here are the stats for this FREE video by Imogen Heap ...
Views: 288,820
Comments: 549
Favorited: 3410 times

Hello, Lichtenstein Creative Media...
Ya'll listening???

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