Monday, July 28, 2008

Monica Goodling via TPM-TV (May, 2007)

This is a repost from Hoot's Wayback Machine. May 23, 2007.
Boring, but timely in light of today's news. The wheels of government turn ever so s-l-o-w-l-y . Lots has happened since this broke. Every time something like this comes along I'm reminded of a line one of my customers said: That whole stinking place is crooked as a bucket of snakes.


Josh Marshall's blog teevee show summarizes who Monica Goodling is and why she is important.
Saves a ton of reading homework, no?

But she can thread the tiniest needle in response to questions.
Only the most dedicated C-SPAN viewer has the patience to sit through most Congressional hearings. This one is no different.

Any resemblance between this post and the preceding post is strictly coincidental.
I swear.
I only noticed it after I added that second screen.
It is, however, a great juxtaposition of posts, don't you think ?

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Justice Injustice: Regent Grad Hired Only The ‘Pro-God’ And The ‘Pro-GOP’ At The DOJ

How Pat Robertson's law school is changing America. Last year from Slate. Links to Regent U. no longer work.

Ever wonder why some of us get all scrooched up about that church/state separation thing? One of those librul blind spots, I suppose.

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Thanks for posting this! I was behind on my work and reviewing her testimony on CSPAN online isn't going to work. The GOP BS throughout that thing was too difficult to sit, the pace in which the questioning moved from one member to the next was counterproductive in my opinion.

Looking forward to viewing these once the kids go to bed.