Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Group News Blog is Getting Better

I picked up GNB because Sara Robinson, posting at David Neiwert's place, was there, cross-posting at both blogs. That was sometime last year. Since then they have added more writers and the place is more fun, as one of my old buddies used to say, than stompin' baby chickens. When people with attitudes write to get something off their chests the result can be cathartic for their readers as well as themselves. Yesterday's introductory post by "Minstrel Boy," newest member of the team, is a case in point relating an encounter with a border patrol agent.

Two positions in line ahead of us, *[lemme 'splain]: I am the literal definition of "mestizo" being of mixed Native American and European heritage. Mom was a White Mountain Apache, Da was from Ireland. I have green eyes and pale skin that tans quickly and very dark, my once black hair is now grey and I'm balding on top. I was traveling with three strikingly beautiful white girls. [/'splainin'] was a Greyhound Bus. It was instantly pulled over to the secondary checkpoint, three armed Border Patrol Agents boarded the bus to check the documentation of the driver and every passenger, while two dogs sniffed the cargo area. One of the agents came off of the bus and a cordon of six other agents, three to a side, carrying M16s at the port formed a corridor. They brought off a skinny kid on crutches, and a mother with two small children. Escorted them, under all those guns to a cinderblock structure, without any windows but possesing a metal door which can be only operated from the outside.

That sets the scene. Now go read the rest.
I'm looking forward to Minstrel Boy's future contributions.

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