Saturday, July 12, 2008

Keeping up with Peter Oakley

It's been some time since I blogged about Geriatric 1927. He's about to have his eighty-first birthday and his role as Grandad of You Tube continues to fit him perfectly. Readers who don't already know the man's story should catch up. Meantime, here is a video promoting The Zimmers, an assembley of old people whose music is an inspiration to others of all ages.

Here are a few links to my many posts about Peter Oakley.

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Finally, this is copied from a post last August...

On a slightly different track, Peter Oakley released another video a few hours old describing what he did last week. In ten minutes or so he tells a little about his family, including a very special man who came for a visit.

I'm not embedding because if you go to YouTube you can select the full screen view. In this case it seems more enjoyable that way. Mr. Oakley tells about making a video of his multi-challenged (now grown) foster son for his sister in Australia whom he never gets a chance to see. He was tempted to put it up for his You Tube audience but wisely decided against it because of trolls. The wholesale distribution of the teen beauty pageant's embarrassing moment illustrates how a large population of thoughtless people stands ready to exploit such videos. I don't favor censorship but look forward to a time when it will not be considered good form to make children objects of derision.

I just watched this last one again and it is still among his best. If the reader's time is limited, I recommend this last link before the others.

At this writing, by the way, Mr. Oakley is up to 134 You Tube videos and shows no indication of slowing down or losing popularity. Within a few weeks of any release he has from seven to ten thousand views. Not bad for two years work and play.

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