Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Peter Oakley aka Geriatric 1927 turns 80

This twenty-minute tribute to Peter Oakley is a bouquet of You Tube characters all wishing him a happy eighteith birthday. This is a Who's Who of people in Peter's life.
After watching this you may wish to see his response, in which he works hard to keep from crying in appreciation.
Don't just skip through this piece carelessly. It represents more love, creativity and from-the-heart appreciation than I have seen in a long time.
This remarkable man has touched more lives in a positive way than anyone of whom I am aware.


vietnamcatfish said...

Good stuff, hootster. Made me want to buy a camera and start recording on youtube.

Paul1967uk said...

Hi Hootster,I would like to thankyou for what you have said about Peter's birthday video. It was a absolute pleasure putting this video together, a little tiring, as it all went wrong as it was about to go live at 00.01hrs on the 20th August. However by 4.30am it was up and running. Meeting Peter a couple of months ago was a awesome experiance, a couple of days staying at Peters gave me a huge insite into this wonderful guys life. One I will never forget, he is a true Gentleman, someone I am proud to say I have met.