Monday, August 06, 2007

Ron Paul's moment

This may very well be the tipping point. I don't especially want this man to become the next president, but he gets high marks from me (and a few million other folks, apparently) for this moment from a debate.

Josh Marshall liked it...

I know there's something of a bipartisan Ron Paul cult springing up online. And I'm not joining. But I can see why it's there. It's not just a matter of whether you think he's right on the issues. He's pretty much the only guy on the stage who is making coherent points.

Dover Bitch liked it (while Digby is off to the Kos soiree)...
It is -- and has been -- obvious. Outside the GOP base, the people who dreamed up this nightmare have no credibility, whatsoever. Even if someone had the ability to accurately predict the future of Iraq, why would anyone think these people could? They've already demonstrated they possess the opposite of ESP.

Paul is right to mention Vietnam, the last example of a prophesied domino effect that was never to be. Somehow, nothing quells the war mongers' imaginations, though, when it comes to impending doom.

An outspoken Ron Paul opponent awards a point or two...
I don't like Ron Paul. He's a paleocon who'd further roll back what little we have left of our social safety net after Clinton and Bush were done with it. And Dave Neiwart is absolutely correct about Ron Paul's creepy, racist associations. I certainly wouldn't want him as president.

But there's no question that Ron Paul has spoken more truth about American foreign policy in this campaign than any other candidate from either major party.

That's not so much a feather in Ron Paul's cap as a profound indictment of our political class.

Radley Balko said...
...I do believe you just sent a chill down my spine.
Bonus points for visibly irritating Mitt Romney.

And that's just a sample of what I have come across. I already know without looking that this Ron Paul moment is like a lit match in a room full of explosives.


Anonymous said...

That haloscan guy is so full of crap.

Anyway, Ron Paul is the only human being on a stage with a bunch of pigmies - Newt was right about that, at least.

Hoots said...

I wouldn't know about the haloscan guy but Dave Neiwert and Sara Robinson are on my regular reading list. The site is iron-clad, solid journalism and Neiwert has been doing the heavy lifting for years on behalf of those of us fighting racism and its many spores.

Link here.

...and here,

...and here.