Monday, August 06, 2007

Magic Jack, newest phone toy

Via David Bernstein at Volokh. Not for me because I don't use telephones that much, but this looks really cool. Just keeping up. Don't skip the comments. The ad link has a CNBC video to explain.

Magic Jack:
This is the name of a device that you plug into a USB port, allowing you to make phone calls from a regular phone to U.S. [and Canadian] numbers for free. The license fee is $40 for the first year (includes the device), and $20 for the next year. It supposedly works over any high-speed line, including outside the U.S. (but you can only call U.S. [and Canadian] numbers). I started using it last night. It took about three seconds to plug the device in, and another 2 minutes to get the software set up. I was assigned a local number, though local numbers are only available sporadically. Anyway, really amazing! I mostly use my cell phone for long distance, and Magic Jack makes much clearer calls, on both ends. I can't imagine how Vonage and other companies charging $20 plus per month for essentially the same service will compete.


CCDS Services said...

This is in regards to the suspicious Canadain dealer for Magic Jack. I have a local computer business in Ma. I support a wide variety of customers whom share technology and information with one another. Most of my clients network information together. For example one of my clients came from oversees and had exposed me to the magic jack device. I found the biggest problem with this device could be software related with the computer. If your computer has software issues then magic jack could have problems. However magic jack works fine and is excellent. Make sure your protection and softwares are not slowing down your process. Also have at least a netzero dsl that moves at 1.4 mb a sec or more to use this product.
As far as the canadian dealer who works with magic jack. Be careful. In the past few months I have discovered that most viruses and scams are coming from texas, canada and arizona. The scammers feed off half truths and set up a lie to decieve. If you wish to find where this canadian dealer lives. INstall Firefox, remove internet explorer, disable all explorer related access . This might sound techy but works. Now after you install firefox, go to the site and put the add on shazou. its a tracer. It will give you detail information on his server, no matter where he lives. For example the server is currently at Cerritos, CA , IH Networks.
I could probably get more for you. but ill stop there. Take care, Ps be careful of the following satalite on pc sites, full tilt poker sites, and others like these. Most are all scams

Anonymous said...

Nice blog. We were using Magic Jack for a week or so. Even when it was working, there was at least a 30-60 second delay on outgoing calls, as well as incoming... you answer the phone and hear nothing (on the callers end it is still ringing, even though you have picked up). Then it just stopped working altogether. Customer care does not really ‘care’. Check out this great site for other complaints about the company.