Friday, August 24, 2007

Korean Hostages Update

Day 37 is passing and most of the popular media has lost interest. Celebrities, political grand-standing and bad weather take the headlines. But the wait continues.

Al Jezeera keeps the story alive in the Arab world in print, video and on the web.

Two South Korean women, held hostage for weeks by the Taliban in Afghanistan, have appealed for the release of the other 19 hostages.

Speaking exclusively to Al Jazeera, in an interview broadcast on Thursday, Kim Kyung-ja and Kim Jee-na said the relief they felt at their release was overshadowed by the plight of the remaining hostages.

"You probably think we are happy now, with our families. In fact, we can hardly sleep at night," said Kim Jee-na.

"I understand that Islamic teachings give priority to life and family. Please release our co-workers as soon as possible."

Jee-young, one of the hostages and who had also been working as a translator for the group, gave up her place as one of the hostages to be freed.

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